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Vesta Studios

Artisan Jewelry

A quick Studio tour - where the magic happens! It looks really clean and neat in these photos but it won't stay that way for long!

Forming Station - for turning sheeted metals into three dimensional pieces with hammers, stakes, dapping forms and punches, and of course, the family anvil.

Solder Station - It is a real luxury having a dedicated area for any heating process. Here you can see the torch holder - I use acetylene/oxygen, fire blankets, fire bricks, and charcoal, tweezers, heat sinks , an exhaust fan to whisk away noxious fumes - and the pickle pot to clean up the metal after soldering.

My first jeweler's bench. It served me well and I still use it.

The new, larger bench - it still has the "new bench" shine!

The Polishing Station where everything gets all shiny and bright!

Inspiration! This was a Christmas present from my husband. I love this poster - it never fails to make me smile!