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Vesta Studios

Artisan Jewelry

My Story

Growing up, my favorite things to do included playing in my grandmother’s jewelry box, listening to my grandfather’s stories of his adventures on the Wild West Plains of Texas, and digging for crystals in the Ouachita Mountains with my dad. But it was my mother who pushed me toward a career making jewelry when she handed a broken necklace to me and said, “See if you can fix this for me and while you’re at it, could you change it?”

I love stones and I love jewelry and I love a good story. Stones tell a story too, their colors and patterns indicative of their birthplace on earth. I search for the stone’s story as I create each piece of jewelry. Each piece is crafted by my own hands, one at a time, using handed-down tools: my great-grandfather’s anvil, my grandfather and father’s hammers, files and drills I have “borrowed” from my husband. My metal smithing skills are handed-down as well as I have been taught through The Craft Guild of Dallas working with their instructors and Master Artists. Each piece I make tells my story.

People have been wearing jewelry almost as long as they have been on the planet. And the jewels they choose to adorn themselves with or give to a loved one tell a story of that person as well. To me, jewelry is the most intimate of art forms for it is only when my story is added to the wearer’s story that the jewelry I make is complete.

My muse, inimitable and irreplaceable -

Our muse, inimitable and irreplaceable